Name: Arun Patel

Occupation: Quantitative Analyst

Playing dhol since: 2003

Favourite TV Show(s): CSI, Jonathan Creek, Game of Thrones, Family Guy

Least favourite food: Aubergine

Other Hobbies/How do you recharge?
Play piano, Puzzles, Lego Technic

Pet Peeve(s): Arrogant People, people who play music out loud on public transport

Favourite Childhood Cartoon(s): Captain Planet, Dexters Laboratory, Cow and Chicken, Transformers, Ren and Stimpy, Ed, Edd and Eddie , Rocko’s modern life, Reboot, The Tick, Pinky and the Brain,

Favourite bits of being part of Rhythm ‘N’ Bass:
We have the confidence to do something different.

One of the best memories you have from a performance:
Collaborating with a Greek band for a Grindian (Greek and Indian) wedding reception.

Worst thing you did as a kid:
Let my brother be player 2 when there was no player 2

How did you get into playing the dhol?
I have always been a fan of percussion but only got into dhol when I was messing about on my friends dhol, it came so naturally to me and I have loved it ever since.

What has been your best dhol gig to date?
My interpretation of the best gig is the most enjoyable to play at and you can never beat all 6 Rhythm ‘N’ Bass drummers together especially alongside other instruments or playing with a DJ.

Most Memorable Event(s): Playing in front of huge crowds is always a pleasure and playing at Wembley Arena was a once in a lifetime experience.

Playing Dhol Since

I have always been a fan of percussion from an early age

Music Inspiration

Any type of percussion that I come across.
I love bringing rhythms from different cultures onto the dhol.

Favourite Venue

Wembley Arena
performing alongside
Shreya Ghoshal

The Team