Name: Hiren Patel

Occupation: Telecoms Engineer

Playing dhol since: 2000

Favourite TV Show(s): Elementary, Sherlock, Prison Break, The X Files

Least favourite food: Aubergines!

Other Hobbies/How do you recharge?
Puzzles, Theatre, Meditation, Music

Pet Peeve: Loud chewing

Favourite Childhood Cartoon(s): Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Arthur, The Simpsons, The Cramp Twins – these to name a few

Favourite bits of being part of Rhythm ‘N’ Bass:
Being part of a group of friends that feel like brothers and share family like moments.

One of the best memories you have from a performance:
Being rushed on stage at Wembley Arena for an impromptu performance ahead of schedule and totally free-styling with the artists on stage.

Worst thing you did as a kid:
Never handed my homework in on time.

How did you get into playing the dhol?
Attending weddings and other celebrations alike, I heard some people playing this loud, feet stomping instrument, so I decided to get myself one from India. Slowly practising at home, I decided to step it up a level and attend classes, and have been learning and improving ever since 2002. I now teach young kid’s at Dhol2Dhol.

What has been your best dhol gig to date?
By far the best gig has to be the one you have enjoyed the most, and to be fair, there are just too many precious moments from each gig and with each member that I have done, for me to just pin point one.

Most Memorable Event(s):
Performing all these years provides you with a wealth of locations and venues which stay with you forever. It’s hard to pin it down to one, but here are a few and a reason as to why they are my best.

  • Wembley Arena – To stand on a stage and perform where many famous musicians have performed.
  • Trafalgar Square – An iconic London location, recognised by many all over the world.
  • The Painted Hall at Old Royal Naval College (Greenwich) – A beautifully decorated hall, with amazing acoustics.
  • A boat along the River Thames – To play Dhol on a boat along the Thames, passing through the heart of London, an amazing city, absolutely beautiful.

Playing Dhol Since

Started attending dhol classes from a young age, and has been learning and teaching since 2002

Music Inspiration

New urban beats, I am a huge fan of old traditional folk beats from India

Favourite Venue

Wembley Arena
performing alongside
Shreya Ghoshal

The Team