Name: Suruj Halai

Occupation: Assistant Manager

Playing dhol since: 2003

Favourite TV Show(s): Prison Break, Family Guy, Breaking Bad, Weeds

Least favourite food: Onions

Other Hobbies/How do you recharge?
Mixing music, producing music, learning new instruments, listening to music.

Pet Peeves: People who “hate” things they haven’t experienced.

Favourite Childhood Cartoon(s): The Simpsons

Favourite bits of being part of Rhythm ‘N’ Bass:
Being able to perform at a wide variety of events.

One of the best memories you have from a performance:
When Hiren accidently broke his dhol right before we were about to perform at my sisters wedding. Luckily, he found a replacement dhol in time.

Worst thing you did as a kid: Grow up

How did you get into playing the dhol?
I have always been a fan of the drum kit and percussion instruments so being a beatful minded person, I thought I’d buy myself a dhol and started to practice on it.

What has been your best dhol gig to date?
The best gig I have performed at has to be at Wembley Arena performing along side Adnan Sami. It was truly amazing to stand on a stage and perform where many famous musicians have performed.

Most Memorable Event(s): There has been too many incredible venues I have performed at along side the Rhythm ‘N’ Bass team. Some of the best and most memorable events took place at Wembley Arena, Addington Palace, Trafalgar Square and The Painted Hall.

Playing Dhol Since

Started playing on the drum kit and eventually brought a dhol to practice on

Music Inspiration

All genres of music

Favourite Venue

Wembley Arena
performing alongside Adnan Sami

The Team